**In loving dedication to Steve Benavidez, an amazing husband, father, grandfather, sibling, friend, and overall amazing human being of whom we were blessed to be a part of his life.**

Why we're here

SEB Scuba Diver Safety is here because millions of people scuba dive recreationally, but little is done to ensure the safety of these individuals before, during, and in the case of an emergency on dive excursions. The purpose of this website is to draw awareness to scuba diver safety and in support of a bill currently being drawn to ensure proper life saving equipment is on hand if (but hopefully not ever) needed.

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To view and download a copy of the proposed bill (SEB Scuba Diver Safety, Care and Protection Act) please click the icon below.

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Stories From Families

Many families and friends are affected by deaths related to scuba diver safety. To read more from families and friends please CLICK HERE

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Our Progress

To keep up to date on the current progress of the bill and information related to Scuba Diver Safety please CLICK HERE